El Chaltén offers an immense variety of possible hikes, of all levels of difficulty, to satisfy both, those who just want to take a nice walk, and the great adventurers. This is why Chaltén is known as the National Trekking Capital.

In addition to walks within the Los Glaciares National Park, there are sailing excursions in Lago del Desierto, fishing, rafting and kayaking in the Rio de las Vueltas, horseback riding, guided tours, museums and a wide variety of offers for all tastes.

Trekking in El Chaltén

The geography of the place itself offers wide possibilities.

Numerous walks and tours can be done in easily accessible areas, which do not require previous experience in mountain activities. For long excursions and specific mountaineering activities, it will be necessary to have suitable clothing, safety equipment and in some cases a mountain guide that enables access to complex areas.

We recommend visiting the website of the Municipality of El Chaltén to find useful information and details about the hikes both in the National Park and in the surroundings of El Chaltén:

At the hotel reception we offer information and custom advice on excursions that adapt to the preferences and travel itinerary of each passenger.

Los Condores Viewpoint

The Mirador de los Cóndores offers a privileged view of the town and the mountain range.

It is a natural viewpoint located above the town, which offers an incomparable panoramic view, from which you can see the Adela, Torre, Fitz Roy massifs and the Río de las Vueltas valley.

It is a natural viewpoint located above the town, which offers an incomparable panoramic view, from which you can see the Adela, Torre, Fitz Roy massifs and the Río de las Vueltas valley.

condors planning and

Panoramic view of the town

beautiful walk

Brief and low difficulty

Chorrillo del Salto

A low-difficulty beautiful walk. It takes only an hour to get from the town to the foot of this impressive waterfall.

Taking Provincial Route 23, just 3km from the center, we find the 500m path that takes us through a lenga forest to Chorrillo del Salto, approximately 12m high.

Cerro Torre

This is one of the great classics of Los Glaciares National Park.

The whole walk to the viewpoint and the Torre lagoon is a captivating experience. Crossing a leafy lenga forest of low difficulty, it takes around 4 hours to reach the foot of the lagoon formed by the glacier that detaches from the mythical Cerro Torre.

A beautiful full-day tour, which promises unforgettable views.

los glaciares national park

In the middle of a leafy lenga forest

los glaciares national park

The most popular trail

Capri Lagoon and De Los Tres Lagoon

The most traveled trail in Los Glaciares National Park is undoubtedly the one that brings us closer and closer to the imposing Mount Fitz Roy.

This walk takes you in less than two hours to Capri: a blue water lagoon surrounded by native forest from where you will have a fantastic view of the Fitz Roy massif.

Following this path that takes 25 km round trip to the end, you can reach the Laguna de los Tres: the natural viewpoint that comes closest to the imposing walls of Fitz Roy and its granite needles.

Del Desierto lake

Located outside the National Park, about 38km from the town along a paradisiacal road that borders the Río de las Vueltas in the middle of the forest, is Lago del Desierto. The access is along Provincial Route 23. The estimated travel time is one and a half hours, by car or in one of the numerous tourist transports available. Once there, you can do different activities:

in summer season


It is a boat tour from the southern tip to the northern tip of the lake. While sailing you can see imposing hanging glaciers, waterfalls, lush forests and if the weather allows it, the north face of mount Fitz Roy.

all year long


In addition to walking along the beautiful shores of the lake, another excellent option is to take a one and a half hour hike that reaches the Huemul Glacier viewpoint and the homonymous lagoon, through a lush lenga forests. It is a private field where you must pay an entry that enables the use of toilets and facilities.